Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Okay, so I'm guilty. I'm here in the office for work but here I am rolling-up my new Blogger account? Reclusion Perpetua! Not really...

Google is great, and Google has been there for me. From my e-mail account (gmail), favorite customizable homepage (i-google), documents and presentations (google docs), calendar, notes, and now... blog (I have a wordpress blog and my own customized blog), Google has seriously invaded my world and privacy. And the surpsing thing is that I LOVE IT.

I wonder how many other Filipinos admire the power of Google (and open source)...

But so much talk. Please stay tuned for my not-so-techie approach to technological Filipino lifestyle. I'm looking foward to cover practical technology, gadgets, practical software guides that are available for that super-delicate Filipino taste.



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