Monday, June 23, 2008

Walking on Full Business Attire in Cebu

Lola, crossing the street. I offered my help but she told me that she can manage.

I find it amusing that walking in Cebu is very different than that in Makati/Manila.

Though the roads are fast-paced, I felt an intriguingly comfortable atmosphere... giving that "oh-so-yummy" to walk all-day factor. Maybe it's the effect of being a stranger in that place. Which reminds me, locals kept on talking to me in Cebuano which I really can't comprehend at the moment, so I memorized this line as tutored by one of the friendly taxi drivers I've met: "Di ko kamao mag-Bisaya" ("I don't speak Bisaya").

Well this explains that coconut smell! Its because of the fumes coming from the San Miguel Plant.

San Miguel Plant in Cebu.

I enjoyed walking so much that I walked all the way from CICC to Ayala Malls! I'm kidding of course. I rode the jeep for PHP8.50 which is another story by the way. When you ride their "multi-cab" jeeps (not the typical Sarao jeep that are common in Manila), you should pay to the conductor before you drop-off. My tip? Don't seat near the driver! Not because he's basagulero or anything, but because the combustion engine is within that part of the multicab. Definitely that part is hot.

Yummy Cheese-burger meal I bought at McDonald's Ayala, Cebu

Over-all, the experience is all good. I would definitely recommend taking a stroll in Cebu. It's fun, it's entertaining, and it's a wonderful way to exercise ala-Cebuano.

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