Friday, July 11, 2008

Orange Friday!

I'm guilty. Yes I am. :(

I consumed 4 oranges in less than 10 minutes. Would that make me a fruit-criminal?

My motive? I was attracted. After going to the gym with my sister, I overlooked the sumptuously glowing ORANGE by the fridge.

I took one, then another one. Then another. And another... Now look what I've done:

Tada! Look Ma, no pulp!

Enriched with Vitamin C (70 mg), Vitamin A (269 IU), Folate (40 mcg), Vitamin B1 a.k.a. "Thiamine" (1 mg), Pantothenic Acid (.33 mg) and other healthy minerals.

You don't believe me? Then let science prove it to you.

Yum yum! Nothing can beat that. Good thing my mom taught me the importance of oranges. However, it's my own liking to slice it into pieces so I can munch them in-no-time. I'm creating art in the process too :)


blabberhand said...

4 oranges in 10 minutes? Too slow. I can finish 40 suhas in 10 seconds. Beat that! hehe :p

Anyway Marc, maraming salamat sa mga itinuro mong Drupal knowledge, at saka mga open-source options in web development. You're the man!! :p


Marc Robinsone said...

I demand a fruit-eating challenge!

Wag lang suha 'coz it's too much citric acid hahaha.

I know you can surpass the Drupal knowledge / dev't techniques you got from me since you're a medical doctor -- hmmm, I don't get the connection lol. I'm just surprised how good you are with web technologies even though it's not your profession of priority.

If you have someone to thank, it's your PC --ahem, yourself!

Just doing my job of spreading open source to our fellow Filipino friends.

You're the man too ;)

Thanks for the coffee and the sweet compliment. I know I'll bump into you sooner than you think. aggregator

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