Monday, September 8, 2008

Saturday: CMS Presentation @ Makati University

I was co-presentor in the Open Source Content Management Software Seminar at the Makati University together with Chris Raymaekers (for Drupal) and Flor Bambao (for Joomla!).

Playing a "Puzzle out" CMS definition game.

Explaining some key points.


The topic I discussed was more about the general what, when, where and how of content management system with the following highlights:
  • Defining what a content management system is and its different kinds.
  • Finding FOSS CMS through Wikipedia, Ohloh, Google Trends, and CmsMatrix.
  • Emphasis on choosing the appropriate cms for the required application.
  • Unraveling the technologies behind running a cms.
  • Demo of how fast you can setup Wordpress and Drupal under 5-10 minutes using Uniform Server.
  • A few tips and tricks in the web development trade.

I was surprised to get such valid feedback from the audience (MakU students) and ended up being asked to be taken pictures with and for an autograph signiture. As flaterring as it is, I'm no celebrity and I'm not used to it. The best that I can give is a smile :)

Thanks to the Computer Professionals' Union, the Computer Society, and to all the organizers of this event for trusting and having me as one of yor speakers. I'm truly honored to share my knowledge to such promising generation of students. Oh, thanks too for this very cool plaque:

Over-all, the experience was one of a kind. I hope the students learned a lot from the speakers.

Hmm, I wish we had a nice Mini Theater like that in APC.

Thanks to my sister for documenting photos.

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