Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Going "loko" over SUSE Studio

I love OpenSUSE [link]! And most definitely, I easily fell in love with SUSE Studio.

Just look at this neat service. You can create your custom SUSE Linux appliance for your USB, live CD/DVD and VMware drives.

Below are screenshots of the process involved in creating a SUSE appliance.

This is where it all starts. That cute vectorish robot pointing you to the right direction.

Pick the interface that you lavishly desire.

Of course I choose KDE. Linus Torvalds would scold me if I use GNOME.
Other than that, I like KDE4 because of the amazing interface improvements (bye bye KDE3 but I will still cherish you).

Desktop Applications anyone? Feel free to add the ones you truly desire.

Better install those yummy desktop effects!

After doing several configurations and adding file overlays, BUILD IT!

Tada! Instant OpenSUSE for my USB thumbdrive.

You can even test-drive it if you can't wait to run it on your own machine.
It is simply hard to resist! Hence the screen shots.

My oh my. I can't wait to build more... One for my USB thumbdrive, one for my server, and one that for live CDs that I could give my friends.

Open Suse rocks! I simply can't wait for it become famous here in the Philippines.
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