Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday: In search for a good Web File manager

In search for a good 'database-driven' and 'web-based' file-manager (whew... too many compound words), below are my top choices:

4. PHP Web Commander (phpwc) > Close to what I need. Very similar to 'file commander' only that it is web-based. Look at the screenshot. Built with ftp and rss plugin, you can hack through your precious files in any way you want. Zip/Unzip supported if you can get it to work.

3. File thingie (ft2.php) > Searching for an on-the-go package? It doesn't really fall in the "database-driven" since it does not require a database to work with, however, this one is very minimalistic. It allows you to edit/manage files remote files with very minimal resources. It is only 1 php file. Tour here.

2. eXtplorer (extplorer) > Fan of GUI-rich web apps, this one leverages the javascript features of EXTjs. I must say that it gives the cozy-feeling that I would definitely like to have when managing my files. However, I'm afrad that it might eat too much bandwidth because of the interface. Multi-user and ftp interface supported. Screenshot here.

1. BytesFall Explorer (bfExplorer) > this immediately won my heart! Pouring with cPanel feature-like goodness, bfExplorer gives you all you need to do user/admin tasks on your webserver repository. Zip/Unzip, run Console commands, create users/user-groups, chmod on-the-spot, copy/move, file-edit with syntax highlighting and FCKEditor editing... it's simply the best for my geeky needs. It uses very small database footprint as well (which means the db is easy to backup and manage). Screenshot on this page.

There you go. I'll definitely enjoy the top 3 in the webhosts that I'm working with. Now let me get back to work.

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