Monday, July 7, 2008

"One World" through Photography

So I'm writing this post while Gerald Anderson absolutely bagged Php500,00 for a mystery name properly guessed as "OGIE DIAZ" at the Filipino version of Wheel of Fortune. Congratulations to you I guess.

But that's not who I want to really support and congratulate as we speak. Read on.

While wandering at Glorietta 3 in Makati City I noticed an attention-getting "wall of photos" as displayed below:

(photographed from the left and right perspectives of the wall)

Posted at the 3rd floor, near the elevator and an arts/creative establishment, this sight is showcasing the recent project of "Head Hunter" a.k.a. Niccolo Cosme (a Manila-Based photographer as inscribed below). It's my first time to see the work of this cool guy.

Hmmm. You may have asked for my personal impression, aside from noticing that extra "shine" of the subjects in the photos while they are comfortably posing for one specific cause? --> Uber-cool-and-shiny-in-not-that-glitter-kind-of-way.

HeadShot Clinic: One World

Well one thing is for sure -- I can't tell you all the details. Hey, why don't you go there and see this one-derful find. After seeing it, you'll feel proud of this guy in a shiny-kind-of-way. ;) I myself will be back there because I forgot to ask what that "one" cause is (I know the context --that is-- world peace but I just want to be sure. Nothing wrong with that right?)

Way to go brother! Nice work.

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