Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday: Rainbow-colored steps spotted at Ayala MRT Station

No. It's not NIPS who made this not-so-technically-helpful innovation "make-over" to the staircase and escalator steps at MRT-Ayala Station. Clue? You know I'd advise you to see it for yourself... but let me fancy your imagination while you try to find your misplaced stored-value-card.

Creatively colorful, let's not under-estimate the effort of the marketing staff behind this agenda.

Here's my list of benefits/or-not-so-much:

Advantage 1 --> It helps distinguish the next step from the rest of the steps.
Advantage 2 --> Color-key refresher to those who forgot their RGB's and CMYK's.
Advantage 3 --> Reduces eye-strain to people with eye-sores.

Disadvantage 1 --> Is not so useful to the color-blind.
Disadvantage 2 --> Did they use rugby on that? Erm.
Disadvantage 3 --> Hmm, it's not backed by the LGBT movement. Am I right?

Whew. I shouldn't have posted this haha.

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