Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tuesday: Got back home from trivia-madness


Sorry about that. It's just my first experience where I needed to provide answer but absolutely was not able give any... In a way, it feels good to know how I can perform without our best-friend (Google) though it's really heart-breaking to deal with (erg, pardon my obsessive-compulsive remarks).

Four (4) hours before coming to this conclusion, I was invited by a special friend to Murphy's Pub in Makati. What we didn't know is that there's a quiz bee to be joined by avid pub goers (in teams of course). It's wild, it's fresh, it's entertaining, and we absolutely lost the winning (Sunday meal is the prize for the winning team). The consequence, free shots for the losing team.

Free Tequilla shots for our team called "Brainiacs"

Nakakahiya talaga! Wala akong nasagot. (It's totally embarrasing. I was not able to answer anything). Why? Well for one thing the questions were all from 19XX (In Tagalog: Nineteen Kopong-kopong). I didn't find anyone my age in there haha.

(a) Peanuts ala Murphy's (b) Ate Chona De Vera and I (c) Brainiacs loses at 57

But anyway, I enjoyed this for the ride. Somehow being utterly clueless and being in good company feels so exciting. You know what? I made new friends in the evening.

Lesson learned: I better review before going back because the team of lawyers might win again.

Hello to my newly found friends and acquaintances. You know who you are! ;)


Jonny said...

Hey pare!

Yeah, was a mite frustrating, coming last haha...I was sure we were going to do well. Oh well, next time nalang.

Good to see you again.

Jonny said...

BTW, speaking of software (Mnemosyne, on my blog) I thought I'd share this with you...funniest user agreement ever:

Marc Robinsone said...

Goodness gracious! It is indeed the most compelling "user agreement" I ever saw in my entire life.

Good thing I still abide by the 10 commandments.

Hey this is another nice find!

Hmmm, maybe the Holy Spirit guided you to that link? lol.

Jonny said...

Oist...we came fourth last night. If we had played our joker on the Literature round we would have received 18 points, and would have come second. Sayang. Ah well, it was a good night, but we didn't win any shooters. aggregator

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