Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday: 200 Days before my 23rd Birthday!

Why is this day important to me?
  • For one, 165 days has passed after my 22nd birthday
  • It's going to be my 23rd birthday on the 23rd of February, 2009
  • In my numerology, it states that I'll meet the potential "one" for me. I hope she's worth the 23 years of waiting...
  • My apparent psychic abilities are supposed to level up on that day (position of the Moon I suppose)
  • It's the number 23!
I know... I know. You might be asking for a treat but I'm assuming that I'm not in the Philippines by that time :P

1 comment:

blabberhand said...

Advance Happy Birthday master! Hehehehe.. :p

OK.. so let's wait for your lucky girl. :D If she comes up and you don't feel her, ibalato mo na lang sa akin ha, hehe.

-- darius aggregator

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