Monday, August 11, 2008

More Reason to leave the Philippines: 2008AUG11

MANILA, Philippines - The United Nations (UN) has included the Philippines among Asia-Pacific countries with "uneven economic development" that has prevented access to proper health care for the poor, children in particular.
  • Seriously guys... who would want to live a place with quote-and-unquote "uneven economic development"? Duh.
It added that as more services within countries are privatized and the government share of health budgets diminishes, public facilities become more run down and health workers leave for better-paid jobs in the private sector or outside the country
  • RAISE THE ROOF! Congratulations to the dumb-ass older generation who is piloting our nation right now. Yes, right now... And right now, we --the new generation-- is getting sick of all these lazy assess who don't even know what a "wiki" is.
Hmm, which reminds me... can we still say "Mabuhay and Pilipinas" when we're dying?

If Jose Rizal were born today, I think he'd rather stayed in Germany, or, flew back to the Philippines, get a gun, and shoot someone-else's ass (we know for a fact that he would'nt commit suicide).

More embarrassing/surprising details on this news by BusinessWorld.

Look grandpa/granny, it's no longer the 1970's. Could you please leave that chair and give it to the better candidates? Grrr.

I should start packing and go somewhere else.


N said...

Just saw this on Philippines News Vote. You're right, the old generation does suck. None of them seem to really care. Just looking out for their pockets. The whole "corruption" trend is an old thing...I'm hoping we get a young new leader. Someone like America's Barack Obama. A symbol of hope and change.

Marc Robinsone said...

Totally. They should consider to retire. How can they help if they're all thickheaded with their old antics and crazy wrinkled skin?

Not to mention their moles. It's just everywhere (I may or may not refer to that specific person so excuse me).

Whatever happened to "Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan" which is a true disaster as well since many of the youth pre-occupied with a lot of things nowadays. I just don't know what those things are aside from shopping, gimmicking, and pre-marital **x (no offense to those who are active in this area).

...makes me wish we have our own Obama.

Virgins unite! Oops. Wrong thread haha.

blabberhand said...

yo marc,

thanks for this timely post. what with the "federalism for peace" bullshit being pushed around. LAME!

i don't know if i've already told u that one of the reasons i'm dipping my fingers and brains into web development is because of the socio-political-economic situation in our country.

for one, i'd like to harness the power of the web to punish those Tongressmen & women who allowed GMA to escape from impeachment... not once, but twice!

how? i still don't know yet. but i'm sure there's a way.

like probably educating the masses about the track records of all these politicians by creating a database-driven website which will hold these info. not the sugar-coated ones you see on sites, but those recorded on local media sites (like

like probably helping NGOs involved in anti-corruption (e.g. Transparency International) have better websites...

there are other ways, i'm sure you can add more... :-)

-- darius aggregator

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