Thursday, September 4, 2008

September: Tandem with Computer Professionals' Union

Okay, it is very obvious that I'm quite out of the blogging scene recently.

But just to give a good reason [in which case I hope you hear me out], I'm preparing for Drupal talks this September in cooperation with the Computer Professional's Union [it's a union here in the Philippines that is aimed in responsible and sensible technology] for the Software Freedom Tour here in the PH.

CMS / Drupal Talk schedules are as follows:
  • SEPTEMBER 6 -- Makati University | demographics 230
  • SEPTEMBER 20 -- Makati University | demographics 1500
This is of course in lieu to the Software Freedom Day which will be held around the world to promote Open Source technologies [hmmm, reminds me of "The Happening"].

Don't be left out. Let's keep it up Philippines... we already flunk the Olympics. Soon it's the next gen's brains.

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