Friday, August 29, 2008

August: Late Comeback with a Bang

After a very long hiatus (an Olympic one I would say), it's time for me to make a comeback... And this is not going to be an ordinary come-back. I was gone for 3 weeks, what do yah expect? ;)

I have improved my web ergonomics waaaay better than before through the help of this new friend of mine:

Why do I love UBIQUITY even though it is still a 0.1 Prototype?

It's as simple as A, B, C.

By pressing CTRL+SPACEBAR (it is possible to change the keystroke) it gives me a command-line that I can use to help me add/edit/modify the current page that I'm in.

Example, typing "email this to Sam" will e-mail the currently selected text to Sam through my Gmail account. Better yet, I can copy the current weather by typing in "weather Manila". Or, I could paste an entire Google Map into the e-mail I'm editing by just typing "map {address goes here...}" and clicking on Insert map. Edit the existing page by typing "edit-page".

B) Even though the project is uber-young the API and development environment is very inviting. With Mozilla's open source development model, you're sure it's something hot!

C) It's SUPER SLICK even for the non-Geek. I would definitely recommend this to my Mom so she can simplify her browsing needs. At 57 years old, I'm sure she'll find it very interesting. Look ma, no more url-hopping!

UBIQUITY was launched on August 26, 2008 (3 days before this post). What are you waiting for? Improve those pogi-points! Give Ubiquity for Firefox a big go!

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