Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lonely Planet: Budget Trips for the 4th Quarter of 2008

So, I took these travel price board a couple of days ago while walking home to my apartment in Makati. But the question is: where should go?

If you're in a budget... want to travel alone (yes. A-l-o-n-e) just want to unwind and reap the rewards of bein' a work-horse in the past few months... where would one possible go to destress and not hurt the pocket?

I'm thinking Vietnam, Cambodia or Thailand because I've heard so many good things about them. Hmm, at $250 USD I could rather visit Naga, Zamboanga or Davao. Visiting different islands here in the Philippines can be such a rewarding experience.

I also have plans of staying for one month in Palawan. This has yet to be planned very well (I don't want to upset my clients because of too much island hopping). My personal challenge is to find a free/cheaper place to stay (which by the way I already do! I'm not telling until it's confirmed ;p).

But since I'm still in front of my machine, I better knock the doors of several travel agencies for better rates and travel packages.
I would really like to bring me with you my friend, but traveling by myself is the requirement in this scenario.
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