Monday, November 17, 2008

Break a Leg

Image display courtesy of Brat Pack at Greenbelt 5

In my generation, key terms like "modularity" or "adaptability" and power words like "robust and customizable" are often just jargon uttered in a world of businesses colliding with other businesses.

I feel so compelled to give my thoughts on the image above. In a way, I think it really represents my perspective of people's lives today. I just woke up so let me try to blurt out the details from the inner sanctum of my 'barely awake' mind.

Growing up in a time where "what you wear is what your are", or, "what you wear tell others where you are from" -- as confusing at the statement seems -- is troubling and difficult. People go out to the malls, buy clothes, use social products that doesn't necessarily represent their true selves but rather, represents their eagerness to belong to whatever social cult they need to fit right into.

You may thank the bright people behind this brilliant social achievement. They are the ones who invented concepts that brings "more-to-that" coffee that you are sipping or that meal that you eat every once in a while. They are the new psychics of this era, simply because they think they know what you need and what you want. They are the ones who strategically put items on display so that you feel compelled to buy one and regret purchasing it later. They are the ones who make you say "I'm a _____" even if you shouldn't be tagging yourself to begin with. These people are always there to make sure that you are wearing their logo on your shirt, on your pants, on your shoe, and even -at times- in your underwear. They are the ones who make sure that the "Green is the new Black" or that "Large is the new small" and stuff.

Quite frankly, don't pretend that you don't know who these people are. He or she might be cloaking as your friend, your "bro" or your "sis". They act so subtle that you don't even notice what they are doing.

Realizing that this phenomenon happens, I kinda decided to put these people to the test... for a change.

How? Simple. I'll find ways to trigger their 'self-destruct' mode without them even noticing what I'm doing. I'm sure they'll be self-obsessed to even bother realizing the mystery behind this game.

That game? Well... it's called "Marketing".

Break a leg. Wish the same for me too ;)
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