Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday: Visit CD-R King at Walter Mart, Makati

Finally, a walking-distance CD-R King store!

After years of traveling just to line-up in a very long queue.

Not that I'm a fan or anything, I like that fact that this store provides affordable gadgets and storage media that I can buy.

But anyway, the sales-lady told me that they opened last Saturday (July 12, 2008) in Walter-Mart Makati branch. Few people know it exists so I'm so glad with my first visit. Soon enough it will get long queues. *Sigh*

So on my first visit I bought blank DVD+Rs (I only use DVD+R because of its benefits), a USB SATA adapter, cable straps, and an attachable notebook stand.

Planning to window-shop? Visit this branch on the 3rd floor, between Bayan Telecom and LBC delivery.

Plead to CD-R king Owner: I'm begging you to please sponsor me. Please.

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