Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday: Forgot Mom's Birthday

Okay, I thought I have planned everything for this week with my LG phone. I'm even so confident that this time I can contribute an answer for today's quiz at Murphy's pub. Then all of a sudden...

Long story short, Ma came to visit us here in Makati. We ate out. Apologized for not being able to make it at the quiz bee (sorry Jonny and team "Brainiacs"). Stuffed ourselves with pasta and pizza. And voila!

Above: That's my sister in red. Mom in blue. And Italian food I can barely pronounce.

Yolanda Nicolas-Caballero
, my mom is now 57-years young. She is a typical person with a zodiac of "Cancer". Also, she's born in the year of the "Rabbit". She lives with two Dragons and one Tiger (that's me!) Chinese zodiacs... imagine that. A single mom for almost 3 years now, she currently enjoys suing my dad for his adulterous affairs (sorry dad hehe) while making sure that we are in good moral behaviour all the time. Hobbies include gardening, cooking, traditional business management, and Skype-ing her friends abroad.

I'm supposed to give her a trip to Hong Kong this year but storm "Helen" is on the run. So we ended dining in at Amici. Nevertheless, we enjoyed eating together.

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